Maria Dueñas

El Financial Times reseña 'The Seamstress' 7 junio

A continuación podéis leer la reseña del Financial Times sobre 'The Seamstress', la traducción inglesa de 'El tiempo entre costuras':

Sew and spy

Review by David Evans

A Spanish tailor in Tangiers becomes an unlikely mole for the British Secret Service.

Sira Quiroga is a poor young seamstress who ekes out a living in downtown Madrid. As the civil war looms, her dashing lover sweeps her away to Spanish North Africa, only to leave her stranded and penniless in Tangiers. There she puts her sewing skills to use and establishes a couture house, producing bespoke dresses for the wives of powerful politicians. Her clients' gossiping leaves her privy to political secrets and, approached by the British Secret Service, she becomes an unlikely spy.

Maria Duenas's ambitious debut belongs to that increasingly rare genre: the historical epic. Though there are certainly flaws - the wider context is fleshed out by means of long tracts of tedious exposition, and dialogue is hampered by anachronisms - The Seamstress is for the most part a richly satisfying novel. Rather like her protagonist, Duenas takes the disparate threads of her narrative and weaves them into a beguiling pattern.

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